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An old friend of mine who works for the Journal was asking for anyone who would be interested in being the subject of a weekly Health and Fitness article called Health MOT, which involves a quick Q&A about your general fitness and lifestyle habits. I said I’d give it a go for a laugh and here it is.

Thinking it was just a small web based feature, I was very surprised when Paul, from the running club I’ve just started training with, asked “Was that you in tonight’s Journal?” What i hadn’t expected was to end up getting a half page article in last nights paper. To say that a few of my mates have had a laugh over it at my expense is an understatement!

Guess I’d better start living up to my answers haha!


I never intended this blog to be purely about running, even though it seems to have taken a bit of a running slant since it started. Ah well, it’s as good a thing as any to write about I guess, particularly as I’ve just signed up to do another race in November with my old faithful running partner Mark.

This time we’re tackling the Lancaster half marathon in November (just the 13 miles this time unlike Dentdale) and will be going for PB’s I’d imagine. Last time round we set out just to complete the run together. This time I think it might be a bit more competitive.

My personal target of course isn’t necessarily to beat Mark (although that would be great too), but rather to finish in under 2 hours. The race is approximately 12 weeks away and I’m already fitter than I was when we started before, so training for this one should be more comfortable…and effective!

As for training, last week I was invited to go along and try a session with Tyne Bridge Harriers in Newcastle (cheers Sam). I’ve never trained with a running club before and was worried I’d be completely out of my depth. When I got there however, everyone was very friendly and encouraging so I felt a bit more at ease.

After a 6.5 mile run at a very steady pace in group 4, I was relieved to have finished the session in one piece and be told I could move up to group 3 who were apparently working on speed drills. I’ve never done speed work before so it should be interesting to see how I fare when I go along this week. Somehow I think I may be in for a shock! Anyway, if I start to see/feel the benefit, then it’s something I may try to keep up. It’s certainly more fun to run with other people and when someone else is pushing you it gives you the extra motivation you need so watch this space…