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Well, it’s been months since I last blogged and have decided to start again, however it doesn’t seem right to start a new post since I never came back and wrapped up my last ones…so here goes!

I finally managed the Dentdale 14 mile run (14.2 miles to be exact) in two hours and 14 minutes which I was extremely pleased with! To be honest, I was just glad not to come last. No, I tell a lie, I was just glad not to come last out of the men! I even managed to beat a lad from Durham Harriers, which made me very smug as a first timer.

As for the race itself, tough doesn’t even come close! Sherburn Hill isn’t even as hilly as this place, so it was a comfort to hear one of the more seasoned racers say it was the toughest half marathon course he’d ever ran.
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Well my first week of training is done and my second is underway! Tuesday saw me do 2 miles at a faster pace than usual so although the run was short my lungs were ready to burst!
Thursday was a steady 2.5 miler and Saturday was my first longer run. In the rain for some reason 4 miles felt very long indeed…if I have to do that 3 times over plus a little bit more then I’ve got a he’ll of a lot of work to do!

So, onto week two and I’ve just returned home from a conditioning class called ‘legs don’t quit!’ well, mine certainly have…45 minutes of anaerobic torture with very little rest has nearly finished me…in fact I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this. My only hope is that my legs ‘don’t quit’ tomorrow and I can do my scheduled 3 mile run…fingers crossed!

Happy New Year everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog as my time has mostly been taken up by Xmas parties, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and eating loads of rubbish…all wrapped up with 2 doses of the Flu…however, i am now back to my good old healthy living and training regime and looking to get back into shape!

As my training includes jogging, a friend of mine whom i run with asked me if i fancied trying a half Marathon? I pondered on this for a while and thought ‘Well why not, plenty of my friends have done the Great North Run, and i’m not in too bad a shape! Read the rest of this entry »