Yesterday I was contacted by an F1 fan (Mac) @againstsharedF1 on twitter who also blogs about Formula1. As he’d come across my own posts, he invited me to write for his own blog. It’s the first time I’ve been asked to write for someone else, so I gave it a go and this is what I posted.

I remember when there were only four TV channels available. We would have football shown on a Saturday afternoon (along with the wrestling), and Boxing would be on every Saturday night. Now, if you want to watch a football match or a big fight, you need to remortgage your house, and then, only if you have Sky.

With only Freeview in my house at the moment, I took some comfort in the fact I could at least watch SkySports News to keep up with the scores and top stories. Oh hang on, that went back to Sky too. Actually, it recently became part of one of the subscription packages!

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