Well, after two or three more days of cleaning down and re-assembling all the fixture’s and fittings, Project Perfection is finally complete! We ran slightly over the allotted two weeks so a few of us helped out today adding the finishing touches. Yes, i got to play with my spanners, screwdrivers and drills again, and i have to say, the finished article looks pretty impressive.

Below is a photo of the boat before we started

and here is the end result, with the team involved!

Thankfully, 99% of the parts we’d taken off on day one, still went back on properly today, with the exception of the odd screw here and there.

The boat will be handed back to the Calvert Trust within the next couple of weeks and hopefully they’ll be pleased with their new-look boat!

For more information about the Calvert Trust, please visit their website at http://www.calvert-trust.org.uk/
For additional images of ‘Project Perfection’ please visit our page on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/InternationalYachtPaint