After 8 weeks of hard training over a total of 123.5 miles, the eve of the Dentdale 14 mile race is here! Since last Thursdays 10.6 mile run i have taken it easy this past week with only a short easy 3 miler on monday night. The rest of the week has been spent relaxing and eating plenty of carbs. Today i’m keeping my meals very light so i don’t feel overly full come race time tomorrow.

Below is my completed training plan.
I have to say that although the run is going to be a gruelling and painful one, i am confident that i’ve given my training and preparation the attention it deserved, having also kept off alcohol for the last 2 weeks too. I’m hoping to complete the race in around 2:20 as it’s a bit longer than a half marathon and ‘undulating’ (we’ll see exactly what means by 1.10pm tomorrow).

Unfortunately the forecast for tomorrow is heavy rain which is less than ideal though i’m sure everyone taking part will lift each others spirits and make the event enjoyable! I’ve also managed to raise over £250 in sponsorship for the Friends of Hadrian School Charity so i’m sure that will help give me that extra spur on when things get tough!

Having taken the day off work i am doing my final bit of prep and getting myself psyched up and ready…i’m actually really looking forward to it!

Catch you all after the race!