Well it’s been a while since i last posted, as i was going to keep a weekly update of my training regime for the upcoming Haweswater Half Marathon. As it happens my training partner has doubled booked the event with a family anniversary party so we’ve swapped the race and are now taking part in the Dentdale 14 mile run on the 12th March (as if 13.2 miles wasn’t enough).

We have completed 5 weeks of training and are now into week 6. So far the commitment has been excellent and the progress staggering! our long runs have gone from a paltry 4.1 miles to my biggest achievement to date which was 13.4 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes last Saturday morning, which i think is canny going for a beginning runner. Especially as we’re only half way into our training plan!

After 5 miles and realising where i was it dawned on me just how far and how long was left and how much it was going to hurt. (I had lost my training partner to injury so had to run on my own which meant talking to myself for 2 hours…nothing new there then).

After 8 miles i was beginning to wish i hadn’t drank 4 cans of stella the night before and wondered if the lucozade tablets i had in my pocket were really going to make any difference to my energy levels as i was nearing ‘the wall’. If i wasn’t at the wall at 8 miles, i was practically banging my head off it after 10, with a half mile steep bank to contend with which was absolute agony!

The worst part of this was the heavy traffic going past me and wondering whom would be driving past that might recognise me…it does feel embarrassing when you look like you’re going to die and people are walking past you faster than you’re able to jog!

When i finally got to the top of the hill and into the next village i knew i was only 1.5 mile away from home and level road and the sense of achievement kicked in…i had only mapped out a 12 mile route but at this stage i thought how much harder can it possibly be to add another mile and complete half marathon distance?

Not as bad as i expected as it turned out as i was already running on fumes, however when i finally stopped at my house my whole body seemed to seize up, i couldnt stand up straight and just collapsed in a heap on the floor for 5 minutes until i could register where i was. I have never felt physical exhaustion like it before and proceeded to bundle my burning lifeless legs into a cold bath to ease the pain and flush out 2 hours worth of lactic acid! An hour later a hot bath quickly had me feeling like a normal person again.

I still have 4 weeks of training to go but i’m not sure i really want to go that distance again too many time if indeed at all before the race. I think some shorter faster quality runs are in order then a nice slow down in pace in the last 2 weeks to give my body time to ‘install the upgrades’ ive earned in the previous 5 weeks!

At least i now know i can run the distance needed and at 2 hours 10 mins with 4 weeks to go, my sights are firmly set on a time of 1 hour 59! Wish me luck!