Happy New Year everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog as my time has mostly been taken up by Xmas parties, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and eating loads of rubbish…all wrapped up with 2 doses of the Flu…however, i am now back to my good old healthy living and training regime and looking to get back into shape!

As my training includes jogging, a friend of mine whom i run with asked me if i fancied trying a half Marathon? I pondered on this for a while and thought ‘Well why not, plenty of my friends have done the Great North Run, and i’m not in too bad a shape!

I have to say that now i’ve accepted the challenge, the idea of running 13 miles is a very daunting prospect indeed. My usual weekly route takes me as far as 3 miles and my personal best so far is 6! To make matters worse, the race in question is in Haweswater (plenty of hills i’d imagine) and in only 8 weeks time!!!

Mind you, with such a relatively short time to prepare, i’m actually quite up for this and raring to get stuck in! I very rarely get up to a great deal in the winter months due to the dark, cold and lack of funds, so what better time to get fit, lose a few pounds and achieve a new personal milestone in my life by running a half marathon!

If you’d told me 3 years ago that i’d be able to run a mile without stopping i’d have said you were mad, if you’d said i’d be attempting 13…i’d be rolling around on the floor in tears! Anyway…it’s done, i’ve been entered, and i’m now into my first week’s training, which i think will now be the theme for the next few blogs as i document my training progress and preparation.

Wish me luck…it hurts just thinking about it!